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Live: Atlas Sound At Local 506

Atlas Sound Live At Local 506
February 19 2008

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound
© Phototography by Leigh Ann Hines

I’m always a bit apprehensive about what I’ll get when I go to a show with a band like Atlas Sound. It was the same concern I had before seeing Deerhunter for the first time, Bradford Cox’s other band. Both tend to have strong ambient leanings in their recorded music and I know that with some bands, those don’t always play out well for a live audience. That wasn’t the case for Deerhunter, who would blast through their rock songs with enthusiasm, and it certainly wasn’t the case with Atlas Sound. Cox has brought together a bunch of musicians who seem to gel well together. Unlike Deerhunter, Bradford Cox doesn’t use pedals or distortion on his guitar or his voice, which helps bring a more organic element to the the soaring effects laden guitar of Adam Forkner and his sound manipulator. Combine that with the ace all girl rhythm section and you end up with some hypnotic grooves.

Atlas Sound

Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound
© Phototography by Leigh Ann Hines

If that wasn’t enough, the audience is charmed and amused by Cox’s charm and humor between songs. Cox comes across as a funny, amiable guy on stage, entertaining the crowd as he tells stories and makes witty remarks throughout the show. His personality and unassuming charm goes a long way in connecting with the crowd and drawing them into the whole show.

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