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Live: Biffy Rocks The Cradle…

Biffy Clyro, a rock trio out of Glasgow, Scotland, played at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC last night (2 April 2008) in support of Say Anything. it was a sold out crowd.

What can I say. There’s something about these guys that I love. Their latest album released in 2007, ‘Puzzle’, is stellar as are their previous records. Puzzle is a little more pop-ish, but still hits the mark beautifully. I’m not sure if anything can touch ‘Blackened Sky’ or ‘The Vertigo of Bliss’ as both of those previous records are pretty much faultless to my ears, but Puzzle is a top-notch album. 

Live, these guys rock. I mean really rock. Fair flying, bodies moving, guitars crunching, rock. I was fortunate to finally get a chance to see them live last night and it was definitely worth the wait. They put on a fantastic show. My only complaint: the set was too short. Of course, that’s to be expected as a support band, but I’d love to see these guys pulling a full set for us. I predict, next time around they’ll be the ones headlining.

To view more photos from the gig, visit the Biffy Clyro Image Gallery

Biffy Clyro Official Site
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    Posted by toe | April 28, 2008, 5:31 am