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Live: British Sea Power

British Sea Power

Do you like rock music?
Do you like British Sea power?

British Sea Power graced Cats Cradle Tuesday night (May 6) to an eager crowd of fans. The first hint that this would be different than every other show at the Cradle is the shrubbery and branches. Greenery surrounding mic stands, amps, drums. It’s the closest the Cradle has ever been to a park. When the lads (and one violin girl in a red lacy dress) take stage, they’re dressed in what can only be described as combination of normal inde band slouchy attire and some sort of WWI undergarments, complete with springs of rosemary branches adorning their sock. Did I mention this was the best smelling gig I’ve ever been to? I think it should now be a requirement that bands provide some sort of aromatherapy with each performance.

So, right, back to the actual performance. This band, on this night, was…well…fun. They have a noisy and brash rock sound combined with a bit of pop. They sing of quirky sorts of things: talking to insect, hiding in trees, finding God in a parking lot. It all works, and they seemed to be half enjoying themselves. The guitarist gives a try at a little stage banter but much of the audience, while enthusiastic, have difficulty deciphering the accent. The crowd feeds on the energy of the band, and I’m sure the band gets a boost from the energy of the crowd. It’s all heightened by the antics, handstands, and wrestling during the last song. Suddenly, I feel the heavy weight of 2 hands on my shoulders, and realize the guitarist is being lifted into the crowd, where he disappears into a roar of excitement and utter darkness. The rest of band plays on as if nothing has changed. All in all, a fun night, a fun band, with good solid rock tunes and a quirky sense of entertainment.

British Sea Power

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