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Frank Turner: Poetry Of The Deed [Album]

Poetry Of The Deed

Release Date: Sept 08, 2009 (USA)
Label: Epitaph
Rating: 4/5

Frank Turner’s third solo full length was released here in the USA this week. If you aren’t familiar with Frank Turner, I predict you will be soon. A once punk rocker who took a new direction as a singer/songwriter, he now has 3 solid records under his belt and we don’t expect him to disappear anytime soon. This particular album is the first with a full backing band. it’s a bit of a departure in that sense, but for much f the record it works. We hear the same cutting lyrics that we’ve become accustomed to from Turner, with his songs sometimes reading like journal entries.

I was apprehensive when I heard the new album would have a full band backing. I was worried that we’d lose some of the intimacy that his voice and solo guitar brings, but the trade off is a fuller, bigger sound. The production doesn’t always emphasize Turner’s vocals and as a result they get lost in some of the tracts. I do find a few times that the layering of the instruments detracts from the melody and I’m not a huge fan of the addition of electric guitar as it tends to overpower. With all that said, Poetry Of The Deed is fantastic.

I’m a fan of Turner’s music. I’m drawn to his lyrics, his folk guitar, and his voice. I find that the acoustic versions of some of the songs (available on itunes) draw me in more than the full band album versions. I guess it’s that quality we get with a singer strumming his guitar and singing that we lose when they are amidst a full band. I felt his second album, Love, Ire & Song was utter brilliance and had very high hopes for Poetry Of The Deed. While there are flashes of brilliance, particularly in Faithful Son, The Road, and Live Fast Die Old, it hasn’t knocked Love, Ire & Song off it’s pedestal yet.


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