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Grizzly Bear [Live]

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear rock Union Park to massive crowd, Chicago
Photo: Leigh Ann Hines

Grizzly Bear consists of Ed Droste (singer/songwriter), Christopher Bear (drummer), Chris Tayler (woodwinds player/bassist) and Daniel Rossen (singer/songwriter/guitarist). They’ve had a steady rise and growing buzz since their 2006 release of Yellow House. Since then, they’ve toured extensively, supported Radiohead, TV On The Radio, and Feist, played with the L.A. Philharmonic and recently released a new album, Veckatimest. The new album is beautiful with sharp and complex vocals, incredible lyrcs and very tight arrangements. I hadn’t seen Grizzl bear for more than a year and was wondering how their wonderful flourishes and subtle sounds would translate to a large festival with an audience of thousands. a couple years earlier they had a fantastic set at PMF and I had hopes they could repeat. Despite some sound issues that apparently were too irritating to the band to ignore, the set was wonderfu and crisp.

1- Southern Point
2- Cheerleader
3- Lullaby
4- Little Brother
5- Knife
6- Fine for Now
7- Two Weeks
8- Ready, Able
9- Live With You
10- Fix it
11- While You Wait for the Others
12- On a Neck, On a Spit

Grizzly Bear Official website
Grizzly Bear myspace


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