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Live: Man Man

Man Man

Man Man at Cats Cradle

Man man played Cats Cradle (Carrboro NC) Sunday, May 4 and set the place on fire with their wild carnival-esque show. The band is often compared to artists like Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, and its full stage of percussion-happy band members evoke the rollicking rhythms of a gypsy act. Add a dash of carnival absurdity, and you begin to get the picture. Man Man live shows are all about noise, expression, and an all out wild stomp. They each seem to be playing multiple instruments at once, and I’m using the term instrument loosely, as it includes metal buckets, bowls of water, squeeze horns, radiator hose, and an assortment of other unexpected items. But all this creates a unique chorus of complex sound to accompany the rumbling lyrics and falsetto choruses. They arrive on stage dressed in white, with white war paint smeared under their eyes. The stage seems almost something out of a curiosity shop, with various trinkets, bunnies, feathers, bobs and bobbles strewn about. Their tight percussion, hyperactive energy, and crisp songs were met with equal energy from a crowd that was in constant motion, jumping, dancing, yelling, singing, arms waving, feet moving.
A Man Man concert isn’t just a music show, it’s an extravaganza, and full body experience. It’s what a live show is all about and the reason why we didn’t sit home and just listen to a CD instead.

The only sour note of the evening was unrelated to the band, and more related to lack of security and crowd control. The body slamming of the mosh pit expanded and got out of hand, resulting in a few minor injuries to innocent fans. Pity there was no security on hand for such a rowdy and full house.

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