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Live: Will Hoge Captivates The Cradle

Will Hoge

Will Hoge at Cats Cradle
© Photo by Leigh Ann Hines

Nashville’s Will Hoge and his band of rock troubadours Rocked out at Cat’s Cradle on Thursday (4/17/08). The Cradle may have been less than packed, but those who were there seemed to be die hard fans, singing along with Hoge throughout the performance. He really makes a connection with the audience and draws everyone into his music. Listening at the back of the room and I’m taken away on a wonderful ride. Will’s high energy alt-folk-rock sound combined with a playful, and at times, intense stage presence mesmerized me. He charmed us with his banter and I found myself spellbound by his intensely expressive face, showing all the emotion embedded in each song. In a word. Captivating. As the music washed over me I became absorbed in the whole performance, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

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